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Just joined the community in lieu of setting up my own.. it's been difficult lately to find folk to talk with about the wonderful music that The Moody Blues have produced in their long and fruitful career. Most of the people I know that are familiar with the band are currently in their 40s and 50s, and no longer have the enthusiasm in their pockets about this music.. I, being in my mid-twenties, am hard pressed to find folk who still enjoy this music, and even less likely to find people close to my own age range to discuss with.
The music they produced has meant a lot to me throughout my life. One of my earliest memories is of listening to their work, pushing the 8-track of Days Of Future Passed into the player in my parents' van in 1982, putting the record on over and over again and dancing around the livingroom. Making mix tapes for my walkman after we got the CD versions, walking to school for years while dreaming to their lyrics. I credit them and their work for giving me a great deal of positivity and strength during a lonely adolescence, and I've grown into a new appreciation of their place in my life as an adult.
I'm really pleased to find a community here that's active.

I just got a copy of the CD re-release of Justin Hayward's first solo effort, Songwriter, and I've really been enjoying some of the bonus tracks they included on the disc, Heart of Steel, in particular. Anyone else had the pleasure?

Anyone in CT, MA, or VT that has seen them recently? I just got to see them play in CT at the Oakdale, and was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the performances. The new young flute player is lovely, and seemed to fit well, though I was certainly sad that Ray has retired. I was more pleased by their inclusion in the set of songs from the first 7 albums, a few that I've never heard them play before, like The Actor, and Higher and Higher.

Looking forward to good news and discussions here.

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