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 Hello everyone out in LJ land.

The Moody Blues. yea. they rock. My love for them started when I saw them in concert in Casper, WY. My orchestra director got to play with them in that concert, so he became my hero too...

So I a reason to be posting today. I have a question that I hope someone can help with. Is anyone here aware of a serious problem between The Rolling Stone and The Moody Blues? I'm sure that I am just not in the loop, but there is no RS coverage of the Moody blues. there are no articles even referenced on the RS website, they are not included in the RS top 500 (and should be. Come on! Day's of Future Past, hello?), they are not in the top 50 artisits (but Run DMC is... right....) and there is a RS book that is a dictionary of the most influential artists. has something like 10,000 entries... and guess what... the Moody's aren't in there.

Is there a reason for this? or am I just boycotting The Rolling Stone from now on.?
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