Jeff Thoreson (foreverafternoo) wrote in thelostchord,
Jeff Thoreson

Photos from the show in Cleveland, July 1

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

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Great pics! Did you enjoy the show?

Don't to be a pain but i was wondering if you could put this beyond an LJ-Cut please.

Enjoyed the show majorly. I'll do what I can about the LJ Cut.
Thanks for the pics....sigh. I just loves my Moodies!
Love the pictures. By the way, is that Justin in the first picture you posted? If so, I did not recognize him at first. Although I will say the drummer has not changed one bit. Wish I could have been there. I'm sure it was an absolute blast. later. :)
Yes, that was Justin in the first photo.
Lovely shots! I have some from the Borgata shows at the end of the tour.

Fab performances both!